How To Work With ABP


Fill out an application

Need an electrician for a project in your home? Fill out the form and we will respond to you in 24 hours to schedule a time to meet with you.

Please note for electrical emergencies please call 480-988-4748.



We will schedule a time to visit your home or business and assess your electrical needs. We typically can schedule an in-person visit within 2 days.



After we see the site in person we will provide you a project estimate onsite in most cases, more extensive projects may take longer to estimate and we can discuss this with you.


Increase the safety and value of your home by upgrading your service panel to accommodate a new EV charger or solar. If your service panel is more than 20 years old let us give you a free evaluation and see if an upgrade is needed.

Somebody else install your rooftop solar? Are you having issues getting the company that did your solar installation to show up and fix issues you may be having? Contact ABP Electrical and we can help you get your solar producing again.

Do you have a light switch and don’t know what it turns on? Do you have plugs in your house that don’t work? Lights that won’t turn on? ABP can help you fix all of these issue and many other electrical challenges in your home.

Do you need more wall plugs in your kitchen, garage or outside? ABP Electrical can help you add outlets safely to your home.

Modernize the look of your home by removing old style surface mounted light fixtures and installing recessed can lighting.

Do you know how many pieces there are for a standard ceiling fan? Balancing a fan can be a real challenge. Let us expertly install your ceiling fans in your home.

EV charger installations are in high demand with so many new electric cars in the marketplace. Contact us now to find out how to get your EV Charger set-up in your home.

LED lighting is one of the newest technologies for home lighting. We install task lighting under cabinets, accent lighting at cabinet toe kicks and above cabinets as well. Coves or niches look amazing with LED lighting.